Mustang Group partner with DropHop

DropHop is a partnership between two Southampton entrepreneurs invested in innovation, transparent in values and committed to creating an agile local delivery platform that ‘gives value to all our partners.’
Speaking with founders Annaliese Hughes and Callum Steward, they tell us in their own words why DropHop was created, and its intention to shake up the food delivery market.
“When I started Vizulink, I had a vision of having a company that had innovation at the forefront of it’s mind”, Callum explains. “The hospitality industry as a whole were faced with these challenges and options were limited when choosing how to get the product to the consumer, with large margins being taken from merchant in order to operate in this way. We saw an opportunity to create a fairer deal for everyone. This encouraged us to look at DropHop with huge foresight with an important mission to even things out and encourage local business transactions coupled with sustainable and electric delivery methods in mind”
Annaliese adds that,
“we began in week one with the shared belief that DropHop would offer value to all our partners, and 18 months later it’s a mantra we are committed to in everything we do. For me, DropHop is the product that enables our delivery solution to work, it was always the solution I was passionate about, and it so happens that turned out to be an APP.’ Annaliese reinforces the partnership and the reason she has partnered Mustang Group with the brand, stating that “Local partnerships are the turnkey to unlocking possibilities that exist on our doorstep.”
The DropHop delivery app is available to download on the App store and at Google Play for android users.